Forbes: Why Data Literacy Increases Productivity Among Employees

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      June 17, 2022      
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Originally published in Forbes

Organizational leaders have long recognized the benefits of data literacy in making strategic and operational decisions. However, mounting evidence suggests that employers and employees alike are gaining an appreciation for the role data literacy can play in improving job performance throughout the workforce. After all, the outcome of every effort really is the product of a series of decisions.

With the ubiquity of available data and the proliferation of tools to help organizations tap into it, the possible applications of data analytics across departments and roles are likewise expanding. It is difficult to imagine any process that could not be streamlined—or any job function that could not be performed with greater aplomb—given adequate access to and fluency with data.

It seems the notion that data-science proficiency is correlated with improved work performance finds support among both employers and employees. Data-literate workers have access to a vast array of tools that can help them exceed their supervisors’ existing expectations, achieve organizational objectives and find greater fulfillment in their work. By elevating staff productivity and efficiency to new levels, data literacy can be a catalyst for an enterprise-wide boost in employee confidence and engagement.


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