Bespoke Corporate
Data Science Training

Future-proof your organization and exceed your learning objectives through corporate data science training

DataSociety Training Packages Deliver:

A defined learning path

We’ll map out the right courses for your staff to meet your objectives while accounting for their prior knowledge.

Assessments for your team
Before beginning, we work with you to assess existing in-house talent and set a benchmark for evaluating training efficacy and  ROI.
Customized training

Build a program that meets your time-frame and budget. Add a capstone project if you aim to deliver instant value. No matter what, you’ll have our team to bring your vision to life.

All-inclusive delivery

We help you schedule and deliver trainings to your team. In-person, virtual live streaming, or blended — we’ll work to fit your teams needs.

    Training Your Staff

    • Outpace your competitors with a superior workforce

      Increase efficiency and retention of your workforce

      Save money on recruitment costs by training up proven staff members 

    A Data-Informed Team

    Increase your revenue with predictive insights and data-literate employees 

    Pursue new market opportunities sooner.

    Strengthen your decisions with data accountability 


    Assessment Based Learning

    Allocate resources effectively by identifying skill gaps and superstars

    Improve staff performance quickly through tailored learning paths 

    Build a robust and cohesive talent development strategy for your organization



    Why Train data science?

    ROI Behind Training

    For less than the salary of one data scientist, you can train up to 30 of your staff members to leverage their data and improve your operations.

    Grow Hidden Talent

    Discover hidden gems and data superstars with Data Society’s assessments. Then, translate those results into proven learning paths with customized use cases that provide your team with a structured way to advance their skill sets.

    Course Catalog

    Are you interested in paving a path to upskill your company resources? Download our comprehensive course catalog and start designing a bespoke academy for your employees. Data Society can customize all content to speak to your industry and meet your team’s learning objectives. If you need help, click on the contact page and reach out.

     Not ready to talk to us?

    We get it. Creating a swell around data takes a big commitment from everyone at your company. Because of that, we’ve created a toolkit to start a conversation around transforming the way organizations approach data transformation and data training — download it, and let us know if you have any questions. You can always find us at