With Purpose

Future-Proof Your Team

Maximize the value of your data and the impact of your workforce across your organization by implementing tailored non-technical and technical training pathways. You can boost your existing training programs with our accelerated learning curricula.

Save Time & Money

For less than the salary of one data scientist, you can train up to 30 of your staff members to leverage their data and improve your operations.

Find, hire, train 1 Data Scientist
  • Risk of a new hire
  • Time for them to get integrated
  • If they leave, you lose that capacity
Train 20-30 staff in Data Science
  • Empower proven staff with new skills
  • Quickly integrate their knowledge with data analytics
  • Higher retention and lower brain drain likelihood

3 Months

Find Hidden Talent

Discover hidden gems and data superstars with Data Society’s assessments. Then, translate those results into proven learning paths with customized use cases that provide your team with a structured way to advance their skill sets.

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We assess your staff for baseline skills and deliver results.

Customize Your Program

Build a program that meets your timeframe and budgetary requirements. Save on travel costs by adding a live-streaming component for in-person classes. Add a capstone project to demonstrate actionable deliverables and prove value. No matter what, you’ll have a Data Society implementation team to bring your vision to life.

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We help you schedule and deliver trainings.

  • In-Person
  • Live Streaming
  • Blended

Go Beyond the Classroom

Your staff will receive support after trainings are over with session recordings, customized training manuals, and data analysis templates to ensure that everyone will be able to practice and implement the skills they’ve learned.

Why do you need this?

Benefits of Assessment
Benefits of Assessment
  • Allocate resources effectively by identifying skill gaps and superstars
  • Improve staff performance quickly through tailored learning paths
  • Build a robust and cohesive talent development strategy for your organization
Benefits of Training your Staff
Benefits of Training your Staff
  • Outpace your competitors with a superior workforce
  • Increase efficiency and retention of your workforce
  • Save money on recruitment costs by training up proven staff members
Benefits of Becoming More Data Driven
Benefits of Becoming More Data Driven
  • Increase your revenue with predictive insights and data literate employees
  • Strengthen your decisions with data accountability
  • Go after new market opportunities sooner