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You’re a lover of science and technology, an educator extraordinaire, a problem solver, collaborator, and creative thinker. You love to challenge, and to be challenged in return. You’re committed to excellence and always striving to be the best. You’re excited to come to work every day and make a difference in the lives of students and clients. This is not just a job; this is a chance to be at the forefront of data science.
Career in Data Science


Learn Data Science
12 weeks of paid parental leave
Christmas Holidays
Office closures between Christmas and New Year
Holidays Fun
unlimited pto and 11 paid holidays /year
Transit Benefits
Transit benefits
FSA for Employees
FSA available for all employees
Subsidized Insurance
Subsidized health, dental, and vision insurance
Learn Data Science
short term and long term disability insurance
Learn Data Science
AD&D and Life insurance
Flexible Work Schedule
Flexible work schedule
Office Amenities
Awesome office amenities
Corporate Charitable Giving
Corporate charitable giving
Matching 401
Matching 401k

Help Us Pioneer the Next Data Science Movement

Collaborating, Innovating, Growing

Our company is built on innovation, debate, collaboration, and excellence, and our team personifies those ideals. You’ll work hard and play hard, placing value on efficiency in the office so you can enjoy your time at home as you see fit. We enjoy spirited debate with respect and camaraderie. At Data Society, we value diversity of thought on our team; no one has the monopoly on good ideas. You can depend on your colleagues for success, and to discuss ideas collaboratively to reach the best solution – regardless of where it came from.

Passionate About Data Science

You deserve to work with a dynamic team of professionals who work together towards our mission of making data science accessible, exciting, and impactful. We want you to bring your unique background and skills to contribute a valuable voice to our rapidly growing company. You’ll learn new techniques and stay engaged in the data science community. We do not create strict routines, but encourage flexibility and autonomy to encourage the success and happiness of our team. The problems you’ll face will be challenging and will require dedication, but the work is never boring.
Learn Data Science
Our Mission:
We provide customized, industry-tailored data science training and AI solutions — partnering with organizations to educate, equip, and empower their workforce with the skills to achieve their goals and expand their impact.
Learn Data Science
Our Vision:
Transform organizations across the globe into future-ready workforces.
Our Values:


Successful data-driven organizations and our students are at the center of the work we do.


With a spirit of camaraderie and respect, we depend on each other to succeed.


Our unique experiences strengthen our team and drive our innovation.


We enable our clients use data responsibly and effectively to solve their biggest challenges


We intuitively push boundaries without fear to solve challenging problems, never hesitating to ask why.


We are all invested in and responsible for creating positive outcomes.

“Do something today that your future self 
will thank you for.” 

- Sean Patrick Flannery

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Ready to get started? Check our available positions. If nothing jumps out, feel free to send your resume and cover letter straight to our People team at We are always looking for talented Data Scientists, Instructional Designers, and passionate Account Executives!

Part-time Data Science Instructor

Part Time 
Mid Level


Part-time ML Ops and Big Data Instructor

Part Time 
Mid Level


Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Full Time


Senior Software Engineer 

Full Time


Snowflake Data Engineer

Full Time


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Learn more about our work and expertise delivering custom programs and technology solutions for both government and commercial sectors.

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