Forbes: Assessing Your Company’s Data Literacy Starts By Asking These Three Questions

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     February 11, 2022           
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Original article by Merav Yuravlivker appeared in Forbes

As leaders continue to realize the importance of data analytics for their bottom line, they are likely recognizing that they need to also assess their team’s current level of data literacy. I previously wrote about three steps leaders can take to create a culture of data sharing, including establishing a solid data infrastructure, championing data literacy and instilling long-term, data-driven thinking.

However, taking a step back, before attempting to develop a data-sharing culture, it’s critical to first assess where an organization and its employees fall in terms of data literacy. This way, leaders can identify where needs lie and act in accordance with current skills levels at their company. I’ve worked with multiple organizations where they discovered a divide between their aspirational levels of data literacy for their team members and their realization of current levels of understanding.   

And we know the results can be substantial for companies that successfully implement a data-forward culture. A recent survey from Gartner confirmed that embracing a culture of data sharing can lead to a three-time increase in economic growth for your company.
There are many factors to be considered that contribute to an organization’s baseline level of data literacy. In order to accurately assess your company’s baseline, start by asking these three important questions.
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