Forbes: 15 Women In Tech Share Advice And Encouragement For Those Following In Their Footsteps

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      October 13, 2021             
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Original article appeared in Forbes

Like many other industries, companies in the tech field have made public commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. While strides have certainly been made, especially in closing the gender gap, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Women who are looking to enter this still male-dominated industry should be armed with the skills and confidence needed to get ahead. To help, 15 women from Forbes Technology Council offered some advice based on the experience they’ve gained throughout their own successful careers. From practical tips such as finding a mentor to words of encouragement for future women-in-tech leaders, here’s what this panel had to say.

1. Be Confident In Your Skill Set

Be confident in the skills you have developed through your past experiences, and be prepared to speak to how they are applicable within the technology industry. So often, women feel they are underqualified or that they lack enough knowledge to enter the field. In reality, when you’re looking for work, what you know matters much less than your confidence in your ability to learn once you get your foot in the door. - Merav Yuravlivker, Data Society


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