Boot Camps: Fast Tracks to Employee Technological Empowerment

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December 2022          
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In recent blogs, we‘ve explored workforce training as a driver of employee retention and organizational resilience. These articles highlighted the benefits employees and employers gain from reskilling, upskilling, and retraining opportunities. As we’ve seen, investing in technology and training workers to leverage it can also help organizations weather turbulent business climates. Using minimal time and resources to equip workers with highly applicable skills, organizations utilizing boot camps can efficiently, effectively, and affordably support corporate training goals.

The Boot Camp Advantage

data bootcamps empower employees

Boot camps can boost organizational capabilities by empowering non-technical workers with technical skills and cultivating more advanced skills among technical workers. For example, AI and ML boot camps can be a wise investment in long-term workforce productivity. In addition, boot camps offer advantages that can help organizations stay on course amid uncertainty and thrive in less challenging times by: 

  • Maximizing the return on investment in technologies. Organizations that invest in new technologies can only capitalize on them to the extent that their workforce can exploit them fully. Boot camps hasten the pace at which employees develop the skills they need to work effectively and efficiently with newly adopted tools.


  • Delivering rapid results. Boot camps expand learners’ capabilities rapidly, enabling them to apply their new skills toward increased productivity in a limited time. In addition, this short and intensive training format minimizes the hours employees spend on coursework, requiring minimal disruption to their daily work.  


  • Keeping the workforce skill set current. Given the swift evolution of today’s technologies, continuous learning is becoming increasingly essential to remaining optimally skilled. According to an IBM report on training, knowledge leak is a common challenge for organizations, which see an estimated 30 percent loss of skills that workers don’t routinely use. The study further notes that organizational skills can wane to as little as 50 percent of their starting levels after several years with limited training and average turnover in an IT environment. Boot camps provide opportunities for intensive instruction that helps workers maintain and upgrade critical skills to remain relevant and productive in their roles. 
  • Enhancing employees’ professional prospects. According to Gartner research, only 20 percent of workers have the skills they need for their current and future roles. Therefore, mindful employers can support their employees’ future endeavors by providing boot camps that offer certifications upon completion. Learners can use these marketable credentials to add heft to their résumés and expand their professional prospects, especially when faced with the regrettable scenario of worker layoffs

Boot Camps for Ongoing Workforce Success

Maximizing the return on investment in technologies with bootcamps

With an estimated 70 percent of employees lacking mastery of the skills they currently need, according to Gartner research, and abundant evidence that workers have an appetite for professional development opportunities, it is clear that quick and effective workforce training offers a key to organizational prosperity and stability. Boot camps are ideally suited to delivering continuous and expeditious learner outcomes that meet the needs of today’s employers and employees.


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