eWeek: Tableau’s Jackie Yeaney and Data Society’s Merav Yuravlivker on Improving Data Literacy

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     December 2, 2021          
machine learning
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Original article by James Maguire appeared in eWeek

I spoke with Jackie Yeaney, CMO of Tableau, and Merav Yuravlivker, CEO of Data Society, about what it means to be “fluent” in data – and techniques to improve this fluency.

Among the topics we discussed:

  • In terms of data literacy and effectively mining data, what is your sense of where many companies are now? Struggling? Relatively mature?
  • If a company wants to improve its data literacy, to build a culture around effective data usage, what advice would you give?
  • As they build this culture, what would you expect some natural challenges to be? How can they be addressed?
  • Your sense of the future of data literacy in organizations over the next few years? When will expertise be a default?

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