A City's Vision for a Data-Driven Future

City of Dallas: Guiding a City's Workforce Towards Data Maturity

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The City of Dallas envisioned a transformation to a future-ready workforce; however, it had some challenges. Between its aspiration and its realization existed a divide, a data gap. The City’s newly formed Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (DBI) unit sought to create a culture of greater fluency in handling, using and communicating about data. The DBI unit approached Data Society in the fall of 2019 to request a training academy to help guide the City’s workforce toward data maturity.


A City’s Vision for a Data-Driven Future

Ushering its workforce into the data-driven future of city
governments, the City of Dallas saw the need to equip staff
with the skills to meet the moment. However, the
transformation the City envisioned came with challenges
common among local governments. With the evolution of
smart cities around the globe, many city halls have long
appreciated the potential to positively transform civic services
by leveraging data assets. However, between this aspiration
and its realization exists a divide. This “data gap” is
described in a 2016 study by Bloomberg Philanthropy’s What
Works Cities initiative, which noted that “...city leaders
nationwide were committed to using data and evidence to
improve their residents’ lives but lacked the critical resources
and expertise to do so successfully.”
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