Top anticipated technologies among Greater D.C.'s tech execs

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August 27, 2021           
machine learning
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Original article by Carolyn M. Proctor appeared in Washington Business Journal 

"Technology company executives are keenly aware of new tech coming to market — because it’s the competition rolling it out, or just because it’s really cool stuff. While Covid-19 put medical technology top of mind for some, others are closely watching the development of new mobile devices, cybersecurity advances, or new outreach and marketing tools. We wanted to find out what snazzy new invention has captured these tech executives’ attentions. Without further ado, here’s what they told us, edited for space and clarity.


The technology that I’m most excited about is the development of neuroprostheses, which are devices that replace lost nervous system functions in individuals who’ve suffered strokes and brain injuries. Thanks to advances in machine learning and computing power, scientists are creating deep-learning algorithm that classify brain signals and translate them into the intent of the individual, whether it’s for speech or movement. It’s an incredible feat that will open a new world of possibilities for stroke victims and their families.”

- Merav Yuravlivker, CEO, Data Society

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