We are excited to announce our first product, meldR! An LXCP for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

VentureBeat: Data Society Launches AI-driven meldR Platform for Data Science Training

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Data Society
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November 10, 2021        
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Original article by Shubbham Sharma appeared on VentureBeat

Data Society, a Washington-headquartered organization providing data science training programs and AI/ML solutions to corporations and government agencies, has announced the launch of meldR, a learning experience and communication platform (LXCP).

Targeted at the health care and life sciences industries, the offering allows learning and development teams of businesses to deliver AI/ML-generated data science learning pathways to their employees. It curates courses according to the organization’s goals and the learner’s needs, and even works with proprietary datasets, allowing teams to offer courses using their own data.


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