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Inc.: The Missing Piece to Employee Learning and Reskilling: Communication

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December 9, 2021               
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Original article appeared in Inc.
Since COVID began, there's been a shift in ways organizations consider how they use data. Increasingly, organizations are realizing the importance of ensuring teams across all departments are data driven. However, according to data from Accenture, only 25 percent of employees felt like they were "fully prepared to use data effectively," while three-quarters of C-suite level survey respondents felt the majority of their employees were able to work with data proficiently.
Addressing the knowledge gap
There is a knowledge gap between leaders' perception of their teams' data literacy with employees' actual skills and abilities. Compounding the issue is an increasing inconsistency between the growth of AI and data analytics technologies on the market today compared to that of the baseline data skills and knowledge needed to leverage these tools to their full potential.
Throughout the years, disciplines such as data analytics, data visualization, programming, and data science have covered a finite set of topics that often get confused by industry jargon. Moreover, when these topics are presented to students with non-industry tailored use cases, the material doesn't translate.
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