Forbes: 13 Bad Habits That Can Compromise Company Tech Devices And Cybersecurity

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  October 12, 2021                 
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Original article appeared in Forbes

Many professionals fall into bad habits that can shorten the life of their tech equipment or compromise productivity—especially when they’re working from home. Whether it’s leaving our computers on all day or checking personal social media accounts while working, nearly everyone has room for improvement when it comes to using company-provided tech equipment and software tools.

However, some bad habits are even worse than others. Certain practices can do more than hurt your productivity and shorten the life of tech devices; they may put your personal information and your company’s data at risk. Below, 13 Forbes Technology Council members share bad tech habits that can compromise the performance and longevity of your devices and endanger your (and your company’s) sensitive information. 

1. Never Turning Equipment Off

Too many of us keep our laptops and Bluetooth peripherals on all the time instead of turning them off. Not only does this habit shorten the life of the equipment, but it also makes computers run much more slowly because there are processes that run in the background. Do yourself a favor and turn off your laptop—it will give time for both you and it to recharge. - Merav Yuravlivker, Data Society


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