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Driving Data Transformation at the Inter-American Development Bank

Through financial and technical support for countries working to reduce poverty and inequality, the IDB helps improve health and education, and advance infrastructure. For the last three years Data Society has served that same mission as it helps upskills employees and build tools to identify projects that can help bring impact to communities across Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The Challenge

The IDB needed to increase data capabilitiy across the organization so that employees at all levels of decision making and execution could identify opportunities to increase the quality of financial analysis and the efficiency of operations to better serve their mission.

I was very happy with the organization of the training. Excellent and hope to take advantage of more advanced training. Much appreciated.

Systems Analyst and Development Specialist

IDB Department of Treasury & Risk

Solving Through Training 

Data Society implemented a suite of customized data science trainings that were delivered as self-paced on-demand and in-person training programs that covered topics that were critical to the organization (including courses in Python, Tableau, Advanced Classification, Machine Learning, and more). The trainings provided the IDB a turn-key solution to train hundreds of people across all seniority levels of the organization with the goal of approaching the bank’s challenges through data-informed techniques.

Solving Through Solutions

Data Society developed an AI-powered application to identify high-risk projects. By converging dozens disparate data sets siloed across the organization, Data Society was able to create an algorithm to weigh and model scenarios that could yield risk and failure across the bank. The model provides descriptive visualizations that are now an integral part of the decision-making that is performed by analyst and leadership.

Total staff trained at the IDB as of 2020


Of staff say training met or exceeded expectations


Average skill improvement of students upskilled

We’ve Seen the Impact

By cultivating a shared understanding of the principles of data-driven decision-making, employees can now use data science to serve the bank’s most mission-critical programs. Employees are now able to communicate effectively, which increased efficiency and facilitated the development of new tools and solutions. Students and leaders have reported that the trainings helped them identify new ways to evaluate data and identify novel solutions to some of the organization’s most critical challenges

  • I can aggregate data 88% 88%
  • I feel confident building functions 90% 90%
  • I can define use cases of Python 91% 91%
  • I can summarize data 94% 94%
  • I feel confident working with data 95% 95%

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