Helping Professional Services Thrive in the
Age of Data

Data-led decision-making is not just an add-on, but at the core of what professional services firms must offer.

How We’re Helping

Training Fellows & Associates

We train your employees in data science and equip them with the latest analytical and technical skills. Accelerate your growth with customized data science training programs for your specific needs: from data literacy for leaders to technical hands-on training in key programming languages.

Building Data Solutions

Our expert data scientists and engineers work alongside your teams to make more informed decisions, automate time-consuming manual processes, solve your most complex data challenges, and build data systems to ensure the enduring impact of your work for your clients.

Leveraging Data Intelligence to Drive Business ROI

Want to get a free front-row seat to a Data Society training? Join us on May 11th as our very own CEO, Merav Yuravlivker, shares with industry executives the foundational skills to enable data-driven culture. By the end of this session, attendees will be able to discuss data science fundamentals and trends and add value to data projects within their companies and organizations.

Professional Services We Are Transforming

Management Consulting

We enhance your organization’s analytics & machine learning skills to transform your and your clients’ operating models.

Legal Operations

We help you mine legal documents and assist with discovery and evidence analysis processes, saving you years of human efforts.

Fraud Management

We help streamline fraud analysis work to automatically detect suspicious activity and prioritize alerts.

Delivering Data Science Skills & Capabilities

Data Cleaning

Extract data from multiple sources, then clean, combine, organize, & store it so it can be accessed and analyzed by your team.

Reporting & Visualization

Gain visibility into your operations with intuitive reporting that provides you with exactly the information you need to see.


Data Analytics

Deep analysis of your and your customers’ data to discover existing trends, patterns, themes, and perspectives that can help you make more informed decisions.

Data Mining & Modeling

Discover hidden relationships, generate accurate predictions and forecasts, and model important scenarios that impact business performance.

Process Automation

Streamline and automate complex, time-consuming, and data-intensive tasks so that your business operates as efficiently as possible.

Data Product Development

Leverage the power of your data to build customized systems and applications that improve your business’ products, services, and operations.

How Abt Associates Shifted to Compete in a Data-Driven World

Data Society worked with Abt to identify key areas to focus on for the Data Science Fellowship program and prerequisites for success. Abt identified individuals among their staff who were best-suited to upskill in data science to participate in the program and build out capstone projects that consisted of practical applications of data analytics to current challenges at Abt.

Bespoke Training

Data Society will work with your organization to identify and customize the most impactful training plan to help onboard new team members and upskill existing staff.

What You Get

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Learn the foundations of this complex and exciting topic, acquire practical skills to implement neural networks and deep learning models 

Classifaction Techniques

Identify opportunities and use cases for predictive analytics. Build classification models to anticipate events and behaviors. Evaluate accuracy of predictive algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

Extract insights from text data from disorganized PDF and Word documents to emails and reports. Develop automated text summarization tools and automatically sort millions of documents in minutes.


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Our team is built by former consultants serving from Booz Allen Hamilton to McKinsey. We know how to help your company take the next steps towards becoming data driven. Reach out and we’ll be happy to discuss how our capabilities can help yours.

Not quite ready?

We get it. Creating a swell around data takes a big commitment from everyone at your company. Because of that, we’ve created a toolkit to start a conversation around transforming the way organizations approach data transformation and data training — download it, and let us know if you have any questions. You can always find us at