We are excited to announce our first product, meldR! An LXCP for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.


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A LXCP (Learning Experience Communications Platform) built for today's Healthcare L&D department's growing demands for up-skilling its employees with Data Science Training.

meldR can assist with :   

  • The healthcare industry is currently facing many challenges in effectively delivering coordinated training programs. Unfortunately, these challenges remain a roadblock to building an internal data culture. Finding a platform that works as a single entry point for both the learner and L&D department has been missing.
  • meldR is a platform that understands the means and the delivery to address an organization's desired workforce development outcomes, the learner's needs, and the demands of an L&D team.

Technology Transformation

Data Science Academies delivered with meldR will enable Healthcare and Life Science Organizations to take the guesswork of aligning training with organizational goals.
  • user interface with learning paths
  • graphical interface of learning pathway
  • image of userface custom course
  • Individual AI/ML generated learning pathways 
  • Full course catalog 
  • Bring your data. Courses built on your proprietary datasets 
  • Custom courses contextualized based on your industry and company within minutes 
  • Compliance built-in for a secure environment

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Community of Practice

meldR, an LXCP will enable a very personalized experience for the learner to thrive.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Personalized profiles 
  • Individual AI/ML generated learning pathways 
  • Custom courses based on pathways 
  • Schedule 1:1 TA or Instructor meetings
  • Find a mentor  
  • Discussion board 
  • Code repository for easy collaboration 
  • Online networking and events 
  • Calendar of courses
  • user interface dashboard
  • user interface of user profile
  • digital calendar

Talent Success Development

meldR was built with engagement in mind. The L&D supervisor can manage the entire learning ecosystem on one dashboard by utilizing email, notifications, and messages to stay connected and engaged with learners. 

In addition, the badging system, gamification, and customized learner pathways enable organizations to gather metrics and quickly identify up-skilled internal resources. 

Organizations can now match internal talent and data science requirements. meldR empowers shared understanding and a culture of learning across domains of data science needs within an organization.
  • interface of supervisor dashboard
  • user badges and digital certifications
  • dashboard showing skill gaps
  • Custom courses based on pathways 
  • Registration capacity 
  • Messaging tools and email integration to recruit and register
  • Gamification- Learner leaderboard 
  • Create customized communications and email cadence for learners 
  • Badges and certifications to quickly identify internal resources
conceptual image for compliance, security


Built to adhere to the data concerns specific to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.
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