Supporting communities during COVID-19

Data Society has partnered with OurStreets in an effort to use data to create healthier communities through the power of crowdsourcing. Whether you’re a user or can be a vehicle to help us promote the application, we need your help in getting the word out.

Solving the Problem at Hand

It’s not news that supplies have been flying off the shelves since we first felt the threat of COVID-19. Where many saw a problem, Data Society saw an opportunity. We knew this was a problem data could help solve. Here is how we defined the problem:

  • Lack of supplies at grocery stores
  • Uneven product distribution across locations.
  • Every empty shelf represents another trip that someone will need to make and another risk of exposure to COVID-19.


We’ve Done This Before

We worked with the World Central Kitchen to support disaster relief responders in providing emergency food relief.

Through a custom-built application, Data Society helped WCK workers identify local stores within the disaster area that could supply the necessary stock for volunteers and workers to create the meals that could feed the nearby victims.

Data Society built the algorithms that could scan online inventory across local stores, centralize the information, and give application users a dashboard to identify the ideal location to purchase supplies and get their team to work.

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Our data scientists developed an application to provide first-responders with information on where to locate local stores with supplies that met their nutrition guidelines

More Data. Greater Intelligence.

Recommendation algorithms

Building recommendation algorithms to direct people to the least-crowded stores in their area with the supplies they need

Predicting shortages

Predicting shortages and trends that retailers and municipalities can use to inform their supply chain decisions

Natural language processing

Using natural language processing and image processing on the pictures and comments that people leave to better identify trends and feedback

The Data Obstacle

The Power of Crowd Sourcing

OurStreets has created a dedicated user experience that allows users to call out the relative stock of various items as they shop through stores. It’s a way of contributing to the local community and informing neighbors of what stores are operating under social distancing guidelines, who has toilet paper, and who doesn’t.

Help us Create Awareness

OurStreets now has over 30,000 downloads and more than 5,000 daily users. Jointly with Data Society, we are solving real-time challenges as responsible citizens plan their shopping and minimize their time in public. For this to work best, it requires user input – information can quickly go stale and lose it’s impact. This is why we’re asking users to jump in and media partners to help us promote this application for good.

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