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D.C. consulting firm Data Society set out to help people find the groceries they need in real time — yes, even toilet paper — and it has teamed up with District-based public safety app OurStreets to try to make it happen. 

Data Society will use its expertise to “clean” the data and make it more usable by building algorithms that can make use of the comments people plug into the app. Eventually the company hopes to offer users suggestions of where to go to get all the items they need or whether individual stores stock similar items to what they are looking for, said CEO Merav Yuravlivker. read more

Data Society saw a lot of its peers and fellow data scientist experts mapping the spread of the novel coronavirus in the last few weeks and decided to look for another way to help people. As shoppers converged on grocery stores, leaving shelves bare and customers panicking about where to get supplies, they saw an opportunity. read more

Project NEXUS is an Air Education and Training Command initiative testing how to equip Airmen with industry-standard digital competencies including software development, data science, and user interface/user experience design. read more

The State Department wants to teach data literacy to diplomats

Enter the Data Analysis and Visualization course being taught at the Foreign Service Institute’s School of Applied Information Technology.… read more

Tyler Technologies Expands Socrata Data Training Program

In coordination with Washington, D.C.-based data science training company, Data Society, Socrata Data Academy attendees can participate in live workshops … read more

This D.C.-based training company is helping government agencies prepare for the future

Without even looking for it, the opportunity to work with the Department of Health and Human Services came to them… read more

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Harnham x Data Society: Self Development in the Age of Lockdown

Harnham invited Nisha Iyer and Nupur Neti from Data Society, sharing about their latest collaboration with OurStreets and how you can continue to develop and improve your data knowledge while in lockdown.

Administrate invited Data Society CEO Merav Yruavlivker to talk about  about the training challenges they are facing and how they are innovating to meet these unprecedented needs associated with COVID-19. 

In this live panel workshop, Dmitri Adler discusses with IMF economist emerging best practices on big data and facilitating a culture of peer-learning across the membership group. read more

Up-skilling a Workforce in Data Science

Our team discusses how public sector employees can learn to leverage data to improve communication and decision making…
read more

A Data Scientist, By Any Other Name

Data Society’s Merav Yuravlivker will discuss how the government is working to define data scientist position and what you can do to make sure that … read more

Bridging Data Silos

Chief Executive Officer Merav Yuravlivker discusses how companies are missing out on some of their biggest profits (and how some companies are making bill… read more

The End of Proprietary Software

Join Data Society CEO, Merav Yuravlivker, as she goes over the software trends in the data science space and where big companies are headed in 2017 and be… read more

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