Data Science for HR Executives

People Analytics in Human Resources Workshop


What do HR leaders need to know about data science? How can HR be more data-driven? How can you drive organizational change through data?  
Monday, June 15th at 1pm EST

About the Seminar

Revamp your team’s approach to HR in a data-driven world. Beyond buzzwords, you’ll unpack ‘People Analytics’ and how you can drive your department’s success and the success of the organization. In this hour-long seminar, we’ll cover successful ways companies have implemented HR data to unlock employee talent and optimize performance.


Leverage Data & People Analytics

  • Optimize in-house talent
  • Improve recruiting processes
  • Benchmark industry data and performance
  • Identify and forecast attrition


This one-hour session will be broken into three sections including:

  • A 40-minute Presentation
  • A 10-minute breakout session
  • A 10-minute Q&A

About the Speaker

Merav Yuravlivker, CEO

Merav has over a decade of experience in the education field, from classroom teaching to instructional design and building online learning platforms. Through Data Society, she has helped companies save millions of dollars with their pedagogically-sound and effective data science training programs. Merav is passionate about automating tedious tasks and providing the data science skills that professionals need to solve their most challenging problems.