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Training Bankers & Investors

We train your employees in data science and equip them with the latest analytical and technical skills. Accelerate your growth with customized data science training programs for your specific needs: from data literacy for leaders to technical hands-on training in key programming languages.

Building Financial Data Solutions

Our expert data scientists and engineers work alongside your teams to make more informed decisions, automate time-consuming manual processes, solve your most complex data challenges, and build data systems to ensure the enduring impact of your work for your clients.

Our Use Cases in Finance Industry


Risk Analysis

Machine learning is capable of producing recommendations for decision points at each stage of the risk analysis process. It’s how today’s companies can act strategical, build trust, and ensure security. 

Consumer Analytics

Data science is being used to provide radically improved consumer understanding, increase the effectiveness of cross-selling, and give new insights into lifetime customer value.

Personalized Service

Data Society’s insights into Natural Language Processing can unlock truly unique processes and services for each customer.


Real-Time Analytics

Data science holds the promise of tracking, maintaining, and monitoring credit scores, transactions, and other non-traditional attributes to give your underwriting a unique real-time financial advantage.

Data Management

Data Society provides innovative data architectures and management approaches to transform how financial institutions manage the big data today.

Fraud Detection

Unusual patterns in trading data are identified using various machine learning tools, along with AI-driven adaptive analytics to quickly detect and take action on perceived threats of fraudulent activity.

Bespoke Financial Data Science Training

Data Society will work with your organization to identify and customize the most impactful training plan to help onboard new team members and upskill existing staff.

Sample Topics in Finance

Clustering and Segmentation

Mine data to find latent patterns and groups in different types of data. Evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of clustering analyses.

Classifaction Techniques

Identify opportunities and use cases for predictive analytics. Build classification models to anticipate events and behaviors. Evaluate accuracy of predictive algorithms.

Natural Language Processing

Extract insights from text data from disorganized PDF and Word documents to emails and reports. Develop automated text summarization tools and automatically sort millions of documents in minutes.


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