FILO: AI Powered Cyber Security Research

FILO is a versatile and multidisciplinary search tool. It serves as the catalyst in providing problem-solving in all potential areas that involve cybersecurity research, innovation and the vetted solutions which arise. FILO is leveraging a crucially important vision which has been funded, developed and tested by the U.S. Air Force to provide a cybersecurity capability which when employed connects the data synergies manifested between government, industry and academic directions in this field. The aim of FILO is to bridge these communities, both regionally and globally, in their efforts to quickly find solutions to specific questions they are requesting.

This subscription-based semantic search engine will stimulate the answers to questions and provide remediation solutions to problems in fundamental cyber research areas, in addition to profiling individual or competing vendors, their market maturity level and other relevant information useful to the user.

The goal of FILO’s search engine is to meet the growing challenges that are faced in securing networked information technology systems that remain pervasive and to address the questions relevant to understanding, mitigating and remediating cyber risk. It’s a tool which is optimized to empower research and planning professionals, contracting staff, and big picture strategic thinkers looking for answers while setting the vision for their organization. FILO brings together these communities-of-interest with its data-sources providing access to solutions to problems, in a secure environment, in today’s interconnected world.

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