A deep understanding of our digital environment is becoming fundamental to our defense posture

Mission is everything. Up and down the chain of command, from the Pentagon to the Warfighter, mission effectiveness drives every decision.  

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How We’re Working with DOD

Mission-Focused Training

Our data science educators train our nation’s soldiers, airmen, and sailors, and support contractors on how to perform applied data analysis with real-world data sets specifically chosen and structured to reflect the issues and opportunities of individual students. We help DoD tackle important policy problems by using modern computational and data analysis methods and tools.

Mission-Focused Solutions

Data Society works with the DOD to find ways to improve our nation’s defense posture, by supporting improved procurement accuracy & predictability, identifying more resilient supply chains, assisting programs that help the readiness of our warfighters, working to improve Cybersecurity, and working with our military health organizations to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Past Performance: Air force

Training and the AFWERX program

Data Society partnered with the USAF to establish an upskilling training program and combat attrition by training existing staff to fill the data science and technology needs of the department. We ran three 4-month boot camps for airmen in iOS, UX / UI, and data science as part of the ‘NEXUS’ project. As a result, NEXUS captured 21 unfunded requirements from AETC and turned them into capstone project, providing an estimated $1.5M cost savings and four months dev time savings to AETC.

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Project NEXUS: Empowering the USAF’s digital talent

Project NEXUS: Empowering the USAF’s digital talent

Project NEXUS: Empowering the USAF’s digital talent

Past Performance: Air Force

Custom Software Solutions: Project CAFÉ

The USAF needed a way to succinctly display vendor options based on current contracts and needs. Project CAFÉ is a search engine that powers situational awareness of technologies across multiple threat vectors and multiple domains. The tool pulls data from numerous data sources and presents it via an intuitive search engine displaying vendor options.

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"America’s economic prosperity, national security, and our individual liberties depend on our commitment to securing cyberspace and maintaining an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable internet."
‐ President Obama

National Security Relies More and More on Big Data

Military Intelligence

Streamline data collection from signals intelligence, full-motion video, photos, unstructured text, and social media. 

Border Security and Customs Enforcement

Data is critical to capturing an accurate snapshot of CBP’s performance and understanding where funding is needed to shore up border operations.

Cyber Security

Apply data science to prevent, detect, and remediate expanding and evolving cybersecurity threats.

Supply Chain

Assist existing process steps to support human decision-making by providing automated analysis of various scenarios, ultimately helping speed up processes and minimize human error or bias.

Other Work Examples

NASA - Machine Learning Program

We designed a five-day hands-on, intensive machine learning program that turned NASA employees into savvy data scientists with a solid foundation to tackle data cleaning, visualization, and modeling.

Northrop Grumman- Data Science Academy

We contracted with Northrop Grumman to provide a turn-key data science academy covered a range of topics data analytics & programming topics: data acquisition, storage, cleaning, analysis and visualization. 

The International Monetary Fund - Data Mining Tools and Projects

We worked with the IMF team to analyze cross-border payments, daily cash receipts to forecast annual receipts, and Google Trends searches to infer key areas of economic activity on a timely basis. These analyses provided vastly improved situational awareness of financial flows and confidence.

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