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Data Society announces rebrand introducing our unique approach

Jo Ann Stadtmueller
May 25, 2021

Data Society unveils new logo and website as part of an extensive rebranding initiative.

WASHINGTON - May 25, 2021 - Data Society, the leading provider of customized data science training programs and AI/ML solutions, just announced a refresh of its core brand elements. The rebrand embodies the theme, "connecting the dots with data," which includes a new logo and website.

"Data science has the power to drive businesses to achieve greater impact and move society forward. Everything we do, from our training programs to our solutions, are tailored to our clients' needs and real-time data. We want every aspect of our brand to reflect our unique approach," said Merav Yuravlivker, Chief Executive Officer of Data Society. "Our new forward-thinking branding and the newly launched website provide extensive information to demystify the sometimes confusing world of data science and AI/ML for our potential clients and partners."

The rebrand's futuristic, tech-inspired direction features the existing signature orange color, now paired with a deep purple palette to celebrate Data Society's women-owned and woman-led status. The new logo, designed to bring the history of Data Society and its ambitions for the future together, forms an arrow rocketing into the sky when stacked, embodying the brand's rapid growth and velocity for helping enterprises realize a bright, data-driven future.

The responsive, mission-focused and user-centered design of the website continues to tell the brand story throughout the new website:

  • The colon is the new brand icon, chosen for the rich linguistic and technical history of the mark, proving the power of even the smallest character to impact and drive society, is emphasized throughout the site in image layout.
  • The clean aesthetic leans minimal – embracing whitespace to focus on the most critical elements and messaging focusing on the real-life impact Data Society has for empowering Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
  • A dedicated 'Government' page was added specifically for those in the sector seeking to improve mission effectiveness with A/I, and workforce development programs.

About Data Society 

Data Society delivers data science training programs and AI/ML solutions that transform the way enterprises operate. Recognized by Forbes as a Top Ten EdTech company, our award-winning training, built on real-world use cases, maximizes workforce development and ROI.

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