Reskilling in Data Science & Cybersecurity

Thursday, October 22nd , 2020 10 am EDT
In this collaborative workshop, Data Society CEO, Merav Yuravlivker, and Cyber Bytes President, Brian DeMuth, unpack the critical role data scientists and cybersecurity experts play in your workforce and how to evolve upskilling efforts for these emerging fields.

From this webinar, participants will learn:

The important role data scientists and cybersecurity professionals play
What it means to reskill your workforce
How to identify the need to reskill and deploy learning initiatives
Best Practices for reskilling now and post-Covid

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We look forward to having you join us!

Merav Yuravlivker

Merav Yuravlivker is the CEO and co-founder of Data Society, the premier data science training and consulting company. Merav has over a decade of experience in the education field, from classroom teaching to instructional design and building online learning platforms. Through Data Society, she has helped companies save millions of dollars with their pedagogically-sound and effective data science training programs. Merav is passionate about automating tedious tasks and providing the data science skills that professionals need to solve their most challenging problems.

Brian DeMuth

As President of The Cyber Bytes Foundation and CEO of GRIMM, Brian DeMuth’s 20 years of professional experience has been pivotal to both organizations. He has developed and implemented DoD and military department cyber range programs, developed training modules and programs for cyber warriors, and consulted DoD on improving training programs across the entire cyber workforce