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Advanced Data Science Bootcamp

Hours of Instruction: 32 Hours
Duration of Bootcamp: 36 Hours
Modality: Virtual, Zoom classroom

Model in Spark

Learn to optimize code and speed up data processing using Spark. Explore best practices and how to use distributed computing.
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Who should enroll?

Advanced Data Science Bootcamp

Who is this class for?
  • This class is for professionals with more than a few data science projects under their belt. Students in this course will learn state-of-the-art methods and more about the tools in optimizing big data operations.
  • Students in this course should come in having experienced first-hand the challenges that come with finding data, cleaning it, and putting it to work. Students must have a sound understanding of the “real world” challenges that come along with scoping a project and building a model.
Suggested Hardware Setup

Although it is not a requirement, we strongly urge students to have a two-monitor setup to improve the virtual learning experience.

Certificate Requirements

Booz Allen and Data Society will enforce the following criteria to receive a course completion certificate:

  • Students will be required to attend at minimum 13 of the 16 live sessions. Please note: session recordings will be available for two weeks after the instruction date but will not count towards live-instruction attendance.
  • Capstone Projects will require a passing grade. For additional information/grading rubric criteria, please contact

Advanced Data Science Bootcamp

Please complete the following steps to process your payment for the Advanced DS Bootcamp. FlexEd options for advanced funding or reimbursement are available. More information can be found in Degreed.

Deep Learning

Learn the foundations of this complex and exciting topic including CNN & RNN. Build powerful predictive systems using deep learning. Automate the analysis of time-series data.

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